It enhances the performance of your Customer Service

The customer expectations are continuously growing and the management of the Customer Service becomes increasingly complex.

Now, more than ever, the operational activities and processes are closely related: a problem of details can trigger a domino effect hugely impacting on the most critical indicators (KPIs) and on the overall performances of the Customer Service.

The Managers, who daily drive the Customer Service towards effective and fruitful goals, navigate among a great number of reports coming from different sources: ACD, IVR, CTI, CRM, WFM, Customer Satisfaction surveys just to name a few.

Notwithstanding the large amount of data available, it is often difficult – if not impossible, to quickly identify the real causes of the problems lying behind bad operating results, as well as to determine the proper corrective actions without causing significant cost increases, worsening of the Customer Experience or of the Employee Satisfaction.

Our experts help you to collect, to structure and to analytically connect the data coming from different sources turning them into effective action plans to consolidate the best performances through a proprietary analysis and reporting solution far beyond the simple control dashboard.
Through the analysis of the historical data and the Real-Time Business Intelligence, you will be able to quickly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Customer Service to achieve:

  • The correct and well-timed situation of the existing performances and how they could evolve
  • The analysis of the causes both of the operating problems and of the performances with their impact on the costs
  • The effective and proven solutions to improve the KPIs