Who We Are


We are an Innovative Company

We help companies to turn their interaction with the customers into a real strategic asset by revitalizing their operational model and strengthening the performance of your Customer Engagement Center to raise the involvement and the Customer Experience of your customers.

We are an international team with over 25 years of experience and a deep expertise in the management and implementation of Customer Interaction projects. Today, our offer of services and solutions of Customer Interaction and Customer Engagement is one of the most comprehensive on the market, to be able to ensure excellent performances as well as the highest care and protection of your investments.

Integrity, Partnership,

Reliability, Performances.

These are our founding values that we offer and want to share with our customers, aiming at being their long-term strategic partners.


Our Mission

“Customer First” to help our customers to maximize the efficacy and power of the Customer Service and, generally, of their Operations through innovative solutions, smarter and more fruitful interactions and advanced systems of data analysis. We aim at building an excellent Customer Experience with interactions anytime, anywhere and without any interruption.




We enhance Processes, People, Performances and Technology

We developed an innovative method of Assessment, whose strong point is multidimensionality. We combine in a single methodological structure several operating dimensions that are analyzed within a reference framework derived from the synthesis of the most effective assessment techniques, as well as from the most recognized best practices of the sector.




We have a consolidated experience and know-how in handling of the Customer Interaction processes according to the international industry standards. We offer support and advice on In-House and BPO as well as On- and Off-Shore delivery models with a deep expertise in:

  • Customer Interaction Management
  • Big Data and Business Analytics – BICI
  • Performance Management
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Contact Deflection Strategy
  • Omni-Channel live and Self-Service
  • AI – ChatBot and Robotic Process Automation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Quality Management
  • Speech & Text Interaction Analytics
  • CEX and VoC (Voice of Customer)
  • Assessment and Benchmark
  • Training and Coaching




Customer Engagement

Workforce Optimization

Big Data & Interaction Analytics

Consulting & Professional Services

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

We help companies to transform the way they serve and engage customers: anytime, anywhere and with any device, thus achieving: competitive differentiation, increased customer loyalty, new business opportunities, operational efficiency, cost reduction, excellent performance and a better Customer Experience.