Assessment & Benchmark


We enhance Processes, People, Performances and Technology

Evaluate the effectiveness of the service provided and the efficiency of the Customer Service structure to be sure of offering your customers an excellent Customer Experience by optimizing the available resources: these are the objectives of the assessment.

We developed an innovative method, whose strong point is multidimensionality. We combine in a single methodological structure several operating dimensions that are analyzed within a reference framework derived from the synthesis of the most effective assessment techniques, as well as from the most recognized best practices of the sector.



The transformation of the operational model has to be supported by technology, too. The organizational review of services, sites and shifts – up to the implementation of delocalization logics – impose quick analyses and actions relevant to the agent arrangement that can be ensured and optimized through the WFM – Workforce Management – tool.



Our assessment is carried out by measuring the areas able to condition the success of a Customer Service (Processes, People, Performance and Technology) and its relevant benchmark compared to the 3C operational excellence model.

The process, which takes into account the “contact strategy” defined by the company, expects the return of the findings resulting from the analyses of the existing service model – “As-Is” – and the study of possible scenarios referred to a future model – “To-Be” – that also includes the implementation plan and the new platforms and support technologies.



multidimensional model

Unlike the common and traditional evaluation standards, 3C-Assessment stands out for its innovative and multidimensional approach enabling to:

  • Assess the operational model of your Customer Service comparing it with our standard of excellence.
  • build a gap analysis on the model as to the objectives and the strategy and identify a tailor-made action plan.
  • dynamically monitor and manage all KPIs relating to an ongoing improvement strategy to achieve the desired service levels.
  • define the adherence level of all the operating areas: Human Resource, Training and Development, Quality Control, Operations, IT, Finance, Facility.



Vendor Selection

BPO Vendor Selection

We follow all the BPO vendor selection phases to identify those BPOs that best balance prize with quality and performance to lower future risks.

BPO Vendor Selection Main activities

  • Tender documentation implementation
  • Software selection
  • Vendor financial evaluation
  • Pricing Model
  • New KPI and target settings
  • Bonus/Malus matrix
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Balanced scorecard
  • On site audit
  • Assessment vs. CC standard COPC based
  • Operational Risk Matrix
  • Recommendation Plan


Service Delivery Model

Service Delivery Model

We define the service delivery model that suits with both the business strategy and the customers’ expectations of service excellence.

Service Delivery Model Main activities

  • Service delivery AS IS assessment
  • Delivery model strategy
  • Financial evaluation of delivery scenarios
  • KPI and target what if analysis
  • Bonus/Malus matrix
  • Service delivery strategy TO BE design
  • Role Competency assessment
  • Job descriptions design
  • Statement of work implementation
  • Solution and technology proposal


Operational Process Evaluation

Operational Process Evaluation

We support our clients in assessing and re-design operational processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness while delivery services to the customers.

Operational Process Evaluation Main activities

  • AS IS operational process assessment
  • Complaint management assessment
  • Case management assessment
  • Operational guidelines set-up
  • AS IS process flows design
  • TO BE process flows design
  • Operational manual implementation
  • Complaint manual implementation


Assessment Applications

Assessment Applications

We apply our COPC based assessment model to benchmark organizations’ Contact Center against the industry standards and best practices.

Assessment Applications Main activities

The methodology applied to the comparison between BPOs, CCs in-house vs. Standard CC, includes a peer-to-peer rating.