Customer Experience Analytics


Find out what customers really want

A customer interaction able to facilitate the contact with the company as well as to collect the wishes of the customers, is the most effective competitive advantage at disposal of the companies.

The company, embracing a “customer-centric” strategy, aims at knowing its customers, listening to them, anticipating their requests, offering solutions. When it is necessary, it is available, accessible and reachable through the contact way preferred by the customers.

In the current economic context, the customer voice has become louder and clearer than ever, thanks to Internet. Customers are informed and choose products and services able to ensure their highest satisfaction.
The analysis of the Customer Experience allows a company to be able to understand the customer behavior finding out specific actions involving agents and processes to improve the operator skills and fill the process gaps thus achieving a ceaseless improvement strategy striving to get the best Customer Experience.



Customer Experience Analytics

The results of the survey are immediately visible, clustered in the aggregations best suiting the scenario reading. The advantages arising from the use of the 3C-X Analytics solution as to the prompt decision-making processes and to the “time to market” response are, therefore, clear.



Customer Experience Analytics

The joint analysis of all the qualitative metrics (e.g. CSAT, NPS), of the results of the Quality activities and of the Claim Management processes, allows a predictive assessment of the experience that customers have, and will have, of the service provided.
3C-X Analytics follows a method of measuring, analyzing and improving the Customer Satisfaction used by the main international best practices.

A consolidated process starting from the definition of the questionnaire to its sending and collection; the analysis of the data and of the open comments allows the creation of dashboards and reports to be shared within the company; the metrics and drivers matched with the processes allow to set out the actions to be taken to enhance the relationship with your customers.




Customer Experience Analytics


Thanks to the anonymous day-by-day collection of the customer ratings obtained through a tailor-made questionnaire sent via SMS and/or e-mail, as well as through the timely analysis of the customers Verbatim documents, 3C-X by OMEGA3C was able to give back both the KPI trends set up to monitor the customer satisfaction and the NPS, besides suggesting corrective measures to be implemented at the short and medium term.


During the first 4 months of implementation, and through specific corrective measures that improved the response times, the accessibility and the ability to fully settle the requests at the first contact, the achieved NPS outcomes were the following:

  • NPS Total: +23,4%
  • NPS Phone: +13,2%
  • NPS Chat: +26,6%
  • NPS Email: +12,1%

Business Needs

As part of the program on the CEM theme, the Company needed to systematically collect and analyze the customer ratings and feedbacks on the service provided.

Hence, it decided to start a project able not only to monitor the customer satisfaction and the NPS, but also to highlight the drivers running it and implement the corrective actions required to the ceaseless improvement of the service.





Customer Experience Analytics


3C-X analyzes the Customer Experience in Real-Time.

3C-X Analytics is able to show the customer feedback through a continuous data flow. Potentially, a dissatisfied customer can be contacted within a few minutes to understand the dissatisfaction reasons and arrange a “recovery” plan to reduce the abandonment risk and increase his/her loyalty.