Robotic Process Automation


We drive the efficiency of the Back-Office

Many duties of the Back-Office are still carried out manually, therefore this department takes a great advantage from automation, since it can optimize the processes and the use of resources generating efficiency and reducing costs.


Robotic Process Automation

Seize the chance of robotic automation

Robotics is able to automate the processes not requiring thinking or human physical involvement, automating all the steps necessary to perform any task, eliminating the need of manual intervention, thus relieving people from repetitive tasks and allowing them to pursue high-value assignments and handle more sophisticated processes.


Highest Efficacy and No Interferences on the IT Systems

RPA does not imply any kind of development/interfacing with the existing applications. The RPA solutions are based on video capture and manipulation of desktop objects through screen connectors, connectors for all the main management brands, CRM, ERP, Terminals, dBase, Web connectors, OCR, so no interferences with the user applications and systems are possible.
The RPA solutions include a centralized management environment collecting the tasks to be performed, directing flows, collecting data relevant to the process completion and the system status and manage the allocation of robotic resources according to the needs.

Robotic Process Automation



Error Reductions

Error Reductions

The risk of human errors is greatly decreased by automation. The well-configured robots make no mistake and free resources from high-risk and low-value activities.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction

People can focus on high value-added activities: those requiring the human decision making and that cannot be automated.

Riduzione dei costi

Cost Reduction

Through the process automation the costs will be immediately reduced. When the workload grows, automation offsets such increase at a lower cost.

Migliore produttività

Higher Productivity

Robots work 24/7 allowing the productivity maximization; hence people can be focused only on unsuccessful practices and decision-making.

Rapido ROI

Quick ROI

You get a quick return on your investment by improving the performances, using better the resources 24/7, eliminating errors and time spent to correct them