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In recent years, the dominant paradigm was the information collection and searching; today, the main challenge for companies is to achieve a more accurate, complete, quick and natural access to the strategic data. This led to the transition from “search all” to “insight-search” with the most advanced solutions of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that merges the simplicity of a search in the Natural Language supported and enriched by virtual assistants, with more sophisticated analyses.

Today customers are looking for a quick resolution during the first contact. 70% of them deems the resolution at the first contact the most important factor when interacting with a brand; 69% of them tell the same of fast resolution.

To simplify: the knowledge management allows the knowledge sharing, the information selection, collection, filing, maintenance and, above all, the easy access to people. An effective “knowledge management” – which has to be crosswise within the company- represents a strategic value, able to enhance the performances, foster the innovation and continuous improvement, facilitating the work of people because it allows to obtain correct, clear, univocal and always updated pieces of information.


The Access to Information is a Competitive Advantage

To ensure their competitive advantage, companies have to allow their internal and external customers to gain access to as many pieces of information as possible through highly advanced knowledge management platforms with a semantic search engine based on the natural language thanks to a smart technology able to understand the text meaning automatically, precisely and very quickly.
The keyword technologies fail both to identify the right context and to interpret the lexical ambiguities.
On the other hand, a semantic network is a map of word associations and meanings: the text is analyzed in a similar way to what people do. The quality of a system of knowledge management is directly proportional to the wealth and extension of its semantic network.

Riduce i rischi operativi

Operational risk reduction

Supporta le decisioni

Decision-making support

Migliora la relazione con i clienti

Engagement enhancement

Migliora l'efficienza operativa

Efficacy enhancement

Condivide la conoscenza

Knowledge sharing

Riduce tempi e costi

Management times and cost reduction




Knowledge Management


The 3C-KM platform by OMEGA3C, which uses a semantic engine, allows searching the whole information/documentary heritage through the natural language.
A portal allows the customer to access Knowledge, thus inquiring and always getting an answer; if the reply does not comply with the needs, the customer can open a ticket, which is automatically filled in both with the search and with the answer provided by Knowledge, and he/she will be contacted by an operator with the most appropriate skills to meet the request.
Through a unique information gathering and handling interface, the solution was integrated with a Document Editor simplifying the creation, modification, archiving, publication and control of the documents produced.


  • Structuring, managing and sharing the internal “knowledge” to strengthen both the know-how and the skills to make the staff work easier.
  • Offering an excellent First Contact Resolution by answering unequivocally and properly to the customer requests.
  • Supporting the internal training.
  • 80% + Web/App self-managed requests
  • 20% + “No-Ticket” self-service requests with resolutions

Business Needs

As part of the “customer contact strategy”, the Company decided to adopt a Knowledge Management platform enabling customers to get 24/7 answers besides allowing the structured, organized and shared collection of documents related to their products and procedures.




3C-KM allows to accurately retrieving contents and pieces of information in the corporate network or website by matching semantic search and natural language interface for the first time. The integrated semantic search engine simplifies the access to the knowledge and to the pieces of information available thus making it more powerful.
The quality of a knowledge management system is directly proportional to the wealth and extension of its semantic network.


3C-KM Reporting

The solution expects different analysis levels fitted with monitoring dashboards on the use of the KB and of the main analysis and trend metrics.
The dashboards analyze how users avail themselves of the Knowledge Base portal through the study of precise metrics starting from the total volume of the searches carried out, the number of documents opened as result of a search, up to the identification of the behavioral clustering.




Key Benefits




Intelligent Contact Routing

Auto-Fill Form

Virtual Assistant

Text Analysis

Knowledge Management

Intelligent Contact Routing

The system allows to understand the meaning of any text source (Mail, SMS, Chat, or Speech-to-Text), to classify the content, to automatically provide the answers, or to pass the contact over the support or the appropriate agent.