IoT: Insight & Real-Time Analytics


We transform the business models

By 2020, the devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) other than PCs and mobile devices will be 26 billion and include everything: from thermostats, through cars, to medical diagnostic devices to balls to play basketball.

(Gartner 2017)

Internet of Things


The pieces of information generated by IoT are transforming the business models. Companies use the automation support to pre-detect and solve the problems related to the connected devices.
The preventive support wins on all fronts: faster resolutions at lower costs, better planning and anticipation of the future customer needs. IoT will go on turning companies from product-based into service-based companies.

The explosion of the IoT world and the widespread diffusion of connected systems and sensors able to generate and transmit a constant flow of data triggered a real revolution in the way of managing, processing and thus analyzing the data. The ability to provide information based on real-time processing is now a necessity imposed in every sector. The era of the Fast Data started, where not only the collection but also the processing of data has to be fast and both information and knowledge are analyzed in streaming.



To make the business model effective through IoT, the companies have to monitor attentively the developments of the emerging IoT components: network protocols, security, data models and, especially, the Analytics to get connected with the Customer Service solutions and immediately react according to the triggers received.


Our solutions of Real-Time Analytics allow the real-time reporting of triggers coming from IoT and setting off prompt actions involving the Customer Service or the automated response processes.
The information on the use of the devices makes it possible to notice how the product is used (the frequently and infrequently used programs), to investigate the validity of the functions and options present in the products and to take preventive actions in case of malfunctions.


Internet of Things
Internet of Things