Quality Policy
Our corporate “Mission” is “Customer First”: we support companies in creating the best possible “Customer Experience” with their brand, in every interaction, always, everywhere and in a consistent way. 
To pursue this “Mission”, Omega3C relies on professionals with long-standing experience, gained in leading Italian and international companies in the management and in the 360 degrees transformation of customer services: from operational management to process optimization and implementation and innovation of complex “Customer Interaction” Models.
The extent of Omega3C’s success depends on customer satisfaction and is based on the ability to understand and anticipate its needs and to provide a service that meets not only its explicit needs, but also and above all its implicit needs.
The Quality Policy reflects Omega3C’s ability to pursue quality excellence throughout the value chain of the services and solutions offered to the market.

As well as being a core business value that characterizes all of Omega3C’s processes and activities, Quality is at the heart of our strategy as a synthesis of state-of-the-art technology and operational excellence, continuous product, service, process and system innovation, integrity, health and well-being of employees, environmental protection and strategic collaboration with customers and suppliers.
The ability to anticipate the expectations of customers, ethics, innovation and attention to the needs and interests of “Stakeholders” are inextricably linked to the key role that each individual plays in everyday activities, while respecting a sustainable quality culture.
The Management, through the Quality Management System, undertakes to:
• Analyse business risks by identifying external threats and opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of internal processes and ensure that their activities are carried out in compliance with the current provisions of rules and laws applicable to the company; take all opportunities and minimize areas of weakness to make business risk acceptable and generate profits.
• Anticipate and satisfy the different expectations of our internal and external stakeholders through the synthesis of cutting-edge technology and implementation excellence, benefiting from the high skill and professionalism of our people and the team.
• At every stage of the sales process, from first contact to order acquisition, we will focus on each customer’s specific needs to better advise them, guiding them within our range of products and solutions and/or offering them the necessary customizations to meet the needs and requirements of the project in accordance with the quality system.
• Offer the best security, reliability and performance of the solutions and services offered, in compliance with existing legislation and applicable national and international standards.
• Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, while fully satisfying the Customer, by anticipating, reducing and/or eliminating customer complaints to achieve the best possible “Customer Experience”.
• Continuously innovate products, services, processes and systems with a view to excellence to ensure a complete “Customer Delight”.
• Properly motivate and retain our employees and collaborators by expanding and developing internal skills and services provided in line with future market and technology trends through timely training programs.
• Promote our corporate culture focused on quality and ethics, spread through a constant and targeted communication, training and motivation activity of our internal and external stakeholders.
• Constantly engage with stakeholders in order to maximise the satisfaction of their expectations.
• The protection of health, safety and well-being of people and the protection of the environment throughout the life cycle of the product.
Quality standards are implemented through structured and dynamic model of “total” quality management, aimed at preventing undesirable risks and effects, seizing development opportunities and measuring the effective achievement of the set objectives, with a view to continuous and sustainable improvement, for this purpose Omega3C has the following objectives:
• Implement and maintain the Quality Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.
• Assess and monitor the effectiveness of the Quality System in meeting the specified requirements and in demonstrating the compliance of the services provided.
• Maintain process efficiency to set standards and, if possible, improve it.
• Identify and implement appropriate actions to improve both efficiency and effectiveness of the Quality System.
• Educate, motivate, empower and raise staff awareness of QMS management and continuous improvement.
The scope of these objectives requires maximum support from the company management, but also the involvement and the active collaboration of all staff, in order to continue the growth and development of the company and of the people involved.
Milan, 2019 May 6th – General Management